PC Mag writes about Top Tablet PCs

PC Mag does a quick roundup of several of the  heavy hitters in the current Tablet PC landscape. The introduction is pretty positive.

Slate tablets and convertible tablets have the portability of a light laptop, with the added flexibility of a touch screen. Here are a few of our favorites.

Not all workers have the luxury of being able to sit down in order to use a laptop. If you have to input information or write notes while on your feet, a tablet PC may be the way to go. You have your choice between a slate tablet, which has no keyboard—you write or input data with a stylus or fingertip—and a convertible tablet, with an integrated keyboard and a screen that can be swiveled between laptop and tablet mode.

It is nice to see Vista get a positive acknowledgement here. 

… All of the convertible tablets here run Windows Vista, which integrates tablet functions and provides particularly good handwriting recognition.

Read the whole article: Top Tablet PCs


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