Put Windows Live on your Windows Mobile phone

As a person who is rarely out and about without a Tablet PC and EVDO access to the web, I really wasn’t interested in data features in a mobile telephone. But that didn’t stop me from getting an HTC Touch with Windows Mobile 6.0, when I needed to replace my eight year old cell phone recently. 

As I get better acquainted with the features of my Windows 6 Pro smartphone , I am realizing that it can be so much more than just a phone – even though that’s all I really wanted from it.

I just came across this announcement in Brandon LeBlanc’s entry in the Windows Experience Blog: Put Windows Live on your Windows Mobile phone

I am am gong to try to syncing up my contacts  to Windows Live for a shorter list of keyboard accessible contacts instead of the hundreds of contacts in my Outlook contacts. Anyway – here is more information about Windows Live Mobile.

Brandon explains:

Windows Live for Windows Mobile is now available to download for your Windows Mobile phone. Windows Live for Windows Mobile lets Windows Mobile users sync their email from Windows Live Hotmail as well as their Windows Live Contacts.

To download, just head on over to this URL on your Windows Mobile phone:


UPDATE: Folks wanting a shorter URL to access Windows Live for Windows Mobile can go to the following URL – http://wl.windowsmobile.com/

Just download the .cab file for the version of Windows Mobile you are running (Standard or Professional). Windows Live for Windows Mobile works on phones running both Windows Mobile and Windows Mobile 6 (and 6.1).

Let me explain how I use Windows Live for Windows Mobile today on my BlackJack II. Because Windows Live for Windows Mobile syncs up my Windows Live Contacts – I encourage many of my contacts to edit their profiles and make sure their email addresses and phone numbers are correct. When their Windows Live Contact is synced to my phone – their name appears under my Contacts on my Windows Mobile phone (Windows Mobile has a centralized “contact directory”). Information my Windows Live Contacts fill out in their profiles appear on my phone. Users can have multiple phone numbers entered into their profiles for a variety of locations such as Mobile, Home, or Work. When I choose to call a Windows Live Contact – I choose any of the numbers they provided to me that is in their profile. Of course I can also edit their contact information either in Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Mail or via the web in Windows Live Hotmail.

Read the whole blog post: Put Windows Live on your Windows Mobile phone

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