Use Microsoft SharedView to Mirror Your Tablet PC on another machine anywhere

I just found this – Microsoft SharedView – it’s free, supports up to 15 users over the Internet, and from what I can see, I am going to be using it a great deal.

It seems to work as well as Windows Meeting Space (see Use Windows Meeting Space to Mirror Your Tablet PC to a Projector ) but unlike Windows Meeting Space, SharedView will work with Windows XP and across the Internet. For that second point – this means that unlike Windows Meeting Space – you do NOT have to have both machines on the same subnet.

This is was a great find as I am doing some presentations this week. I am mirroring my Tablet PC onto another computer that is attached to a projector.

I was having trouble with Windows Meeting Space because there was no way to be sure that two machines would end up on the same subnet. Also, the computers that were available to connect to the projectors are running Windows XP.  I had to bring my own second machine so that I could be sure that the one attached to the projector was running Vista.  Microsoft SharedView has made this all so much easier.

Definitely check this out. I will be using it for some distance conferencing over the next few days.

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