Redemption Time for UMPC – Article at

Well when he writes “What the heck is an Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC)?” the rest of the article illustrates the writer’s confusion. Perhaps he can be forgiven for this as he is reflecting the market place. I think he casts too broad a net in considering many of the sub four-pound machines including the likes of the ASUS EiiPC4g. The original vision for the UMPC was a device that included a touch screen interface, running Windows Vista. From Microsoft’s UMPC Site:  The UMPC offers a display of 4-7 inches and touch capabilities, all in a package that weighs less than 2 pounds. But don’t underestimate … Continue reading Redemption Time for UMPC – Article at

The Buzz is back – a lot faster and looking good.

John Hill at TabletPCBuzz has completed the transition to the new forum software. He writes. As of today, June 2nd, we have successfully migrated all the users and posts from our previous (Snitz) forum software to our new (vBulletin) forums.I hope you like the improvement. I am very appreciative of all your patience.If you are an existing user, you will have to reset your password. It takes just a minute and is an automated process through email.TO GET YOUR PASSWORD RESET, ENTER YOUR USERNAME AND THEN CLICK ‘LOGIN’ – THIS WILL TAKE YOU TO THE PASSWORD RESET PROCESS.It will take … Continue reading The Buzz is back – a lot faster and looking good.