IE8 Beta 2 is available now

Read all about and download it  here:   I have been running Beta 2 this morning, and it seems noticeably faster. If you really want a good insight into IE8, check out the IEBlog. This link will take you right to Paul Cutsinger’s  post where he introduces IE8 Beta 2. Paul is Lead Program Manager for the IE8 User Experience, and given how important the browser has become, I think this is well worth reading. Link: IEBlog and Part II of that series Installation Notes I had been running IE8 Beta 1 and it was working fine for the … Continue reading IE8 Beta 2 is available now

Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 and .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1

Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 and .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 are available for download There is also a download for Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition with Service Pack 1. You can read about all the changes in the overview.     Now just in case you are not a developer, there is an other treat.   Autoruns for Windows version 9.3 For people running Tablet PCs there seems to be a passion for understanding and controlling processes, especially those that start automatically. Autoruns is a great tool for finding and controlling all of those. This utility, which … Continue reading Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 and .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1

LinkedIn and Tablet PCs

I tossed out a question on LinkedIn today. Do you own a Tablet PC? Do you use the Inking or Touch capabilities? Always / Often / Rarely More or less than you expected? Would you get another one That was seven hours ago – and in that time there have been 16 answers. That is a pretty enthusiastic response compared to similar questions asked over the past couple of years.  Perhaps this is an indicator of heightened awareness, and perhaps even enthusiasm. Check out the answers. It’s interesting to see what people are thinking. People’s Answers at LinkedIn Background: I was … Continue reading LinkedIn and Tablet PCs

M700 and the Intel Matrix Storage Manager

I have read several threads in various forums and there seems to be a thought that uninstalling the Intel Matrix Storage Manager results in better benchmark scores. The numbers look compelling. I wondered how this might affect me, and whether I would see any difference with applications that I run. The short conclusion: I will stick with the Intel Matrix Storage Manager My machine *does* have the 1 gig Intel Turbo Memory installed and this may also have impacted my results. I also have 4 gigs of ram installed running Vista Ultimate 32-bit. Testing with and without the Intel Matrix … Continue reading M700 and the Intel Matrix Storage Manager

Tablet Enhancements for Outlook is now Free!

This is great news from Josh Einstein. From the Einstein Technologies site Download TEO 3.0 for free… no strings attached! Download Tablet Enhancements for Outlook and find out why so many Tablet PC users will never use Outlook on their tablets without it. There’s no expiration date, no limits, etc. It’s just free. I have been using TEO for years and wouldn’t use Outlook on a Tablet PC without it. If you don’t have it yet, go get it now and find out why.   Thank you Josh!

Live Mesh Tech Preview

I have been using the Live Mesh Tech Preview for several days now and I am quietly excited about what it allows me to do. While I have no good reason to have several Tablet PCs around here, the fact is, I do. Okay – it’s because I like to have various kinds of machines so that I can spread them out on a table or pass them around when I do a presentation about them. Anyway, it is just a monstrous task to keep sample files and synchronized. The same is true of presentations. I go through minor conniptions … Continue reading Live Mesh Tech Preview