LinkedIn and Tablet PCs

I tossed out a question on LinkedIn today.

Do you own a Tablet PC?

  • Do you use the Inking or Touch capabilities?
  • Always / Often / Rarely
  • More or less than you expected?
  • Would you get another one

That was seven hours ago – and in that time there have been 16 answers. That is a pretty enthusiastic response compared to similar questions asked over the past couple of years.  Perhaps this is an indicator of heightened awareness, and perhaps even enthusiasm. Check out the answers. It’s interesting to see what people are thinking.

People’s Answers at LinkedIn


I was invited to LinkedIn awhile back and thanks go out to John Hill ( for that. I hate to say how long it’s been since he did that and I joined. I was busy at the time and I didn’t give it much thought, then or since.  Recently Gaelen O’Connell ( encouraged me to revisit LinkedIn.

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