Microsoft Surface Pro

In early February I found myself standing in line to pick up my new Surface Pro. I was excited.   I was again at the Microsoft Holiday Store (pop-up kiosk in a local mall), and I saw the same staff as I had met 90 days earlier when I got my Surface RT. There was a lot of buzz there that day and I enjoyed chatting with some local press writers, and lots of potential customers who wanted to know more about the machine. I was fortunate to have had the Surface RT for 90 days and felt comfortable talking … Continue reading Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface RT

When the Microsoft Surface RT became available – I was right there in line to buy it. I was excited. I was looking forward to a devices conceived, designed, executed, marketed and supported by the company that made the operating system, Windows 8. I knew that I would miss an active digitizer. This been a standard requirement for me for every portable computer that I’ve owned since 2003. But I was willing to give this a shot. I was also concerned, but aware that some of my mission critical applications would not run on Windows on ARM. But I was … Continue reading Microsoft Surface RT