Case for Surface Pro / 2 with Handle–Incipio Capture™

When doing presentations I like to walk and talk and keep my Surface Pro 2 in hand. I frequently make annotations or draw quick sketches to illustrate a point. Sometimes I’ll invite someone to add something to the presentation (draw on my screen).

It doesn’t look like much from the front but the Incipio Capture™ case is great for doing peripatetic presentations.

I used this for a two hour presentation that involved walking around and talking to people while I shared my Surface Pro 2 screen on a 60” display.  When I first picked it up it seemed heavy and clumsy but that soon gave way to the sense of security. Once I put my hand into the adjustable hand strap on the back I lost the fear that my slippery Surface might slide out of my hands.

I used it for another session on the following day and was still happy with it. It has loop below the display for the pen: A thoughtful touch.  It was nice to have a place to stow the pen when I wasn’t using it.

I had borrowed for case for these sessions and I returned it without remorse thinking that It’s rare for me to have to carry my Surface for that long with no place to set it down. But a couple of weeks later I had to do another extended presentation and wished that I had bought it on the spot.

Taking Notes Too

A week later I was attending a seminar where there were no tables. This was to be an active session with group participation and lots of moving around.

I watched as others tried to take notes with laptops perched precariously on their laps and felt sorry for them as they had to struggle whenever the seating arrangements changed. Others tapped on various devices, and as I so often see in these situations, the majority of people seemed to be doodling with their fingers attempting to capture an idea here and there. 

I had just bought the Incipio Capture case on the way to the seminar but had left it in the car thinking that I would not need it. During the first break I ran out and got it. It turns out that that same sense of security allowed me to relax with the Surface securely strapped to my hand while taking notes with the pen while seated, standing, and during group exercises. 

Not All Rosy

It feels heavy at first, and that’s because it is substantial. Getting the Surface in and out of it is a bit of a struggle. Everything fits as it should but you have stretch the case around the Surface to get it in there. It’s a little tricky to get the power adapter to stay attached when the Surface is inside the case, but if you check the power connection light, you’ll be okay. 

With respect to the weight: I think that this is a fair trade off because while you bear the extra ounces (or grams), you are not actively clutching the Surface as you are using it.

If you don’t get the Surface snapped in properly the rear-facing camera will be partially obscured. So if you are going to be using the camera, check the view before you need it.  If the Surface is properly seated, everything works fine.

If you decide to get one, note that there is one model for the Surface Pro and Pro 2. There is a different model for the Surface 2.

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