Surface Team talks about the new Surface Pro 3 Pen / Digitizer

I’ve been anxiously waiting for details about the new pen technology. The Pen has been for me, the distinguishing feature of the Tablet PC that has kept me coming back for a decade. And it’s been pretty much unchanged for that long. The Pen in the Surface Pro 3 is different. The promise of much higher accuracy especially at the edges is exciting, but I was concerned about the lower specification for pressure sensitivity. I wanted to know more and I found it here on Reddit  – I’ve added some formatting for readability. I intend to use this as reference. … Continue reading Surface Team talks about the new Surface Pro 3 Pen / Digitizer

Surface Pro 3: Battery Life Core i3, i5, i7

I’m considering getting the Surface Pro 3 Core i7 just to experience the difference. I had some concern that making the step up would cost me in terms of battery life. Here’s what we learned from the Surface Team today. Question:Will there be much of a battery trade off for performance in the i7 SP3? Also, what is the overall performance gain for the i7 version over the i5? Answer from the Surface Team The battery performance is the same across the i3, i5, and i7. The i7 will see benchmark scores appx. 15-20% better than the SP3 i5. Source: … Continue reading Surface Pro 3: Battery Life Core i3, i5, i7

Surface Pro 3: Is this the One?

It’s May 20th and the big news is the Surface 3. Bigger, lighter, faster, longer battery life, better ergonomics (multiple position stand). Of course, I want one. And I scoured the Microsoft Store for the Order Now button. And now, front and centre, finally, the pen. It looks like Microsoft is embracing the Pen as the strategic advantage of the Surface Pro platform. I’ve often thought that the Pen was misunderstood and under-sold as an alternative to the mouse. It is so much more than that. And this message is coming out loud and clear in the images of the … Continue reading Surface Pro 3: Is this the One?

7 Things I Want in a Surface Mini

While we’re waiting to find out what Microsoft has in store for Surface on May 20th I thought we could have a little fun musing about what I’d like to see in a Surface Mini. 1. Pen with Active Digitizer If it comes with a Pen with an Active Digitizer I’m 90% there. People who have not lived with an Pen with an Active Digitizer have a hard time understanding just how much more you can do with a device with this capability. Eleven years ago I was completely taken with the Tablet PC with the Active Digitizer.  With that … Continue reading 7 Things I Want in a Surface Mini

Two Surfaces for Presentations

Have you ever done a presentation and wished that you had two computers: One to share with the audience, and one for you? Well, I do it all the time with my two Surface Pros. One is the original Surface Pro and the other is a Surface Pro 2. There’s no reason not to use two identical machines. I’m  using what I’ve got. I used to do this with a Surface and a Surface Pro.  That works fine when I don’t need to connect the two machines in any way. Most of the time I like to share a mouse … Continue reading Two Surfaces for Presentations

Surface Touch & Type Cover Keyboard Shortcuts

The Touch and Type Covers are brilliant at bringing the full keyboard experience of a laptop to the table. They protect the screen when in transit, and flip out of the way when they’re not needed. I like the Touch Cover 2 with it’s backlighting and enhanced responsiveness and accuracy because it’s slim, light, and it’s resistant to liquids and well, the weird stuff that ends up on tables at coffee shops. It’s also pretty much silent except for the light drumming of your fingers. The Type Cover 2 is great when I’ve got to do full-on production typing, both … Continue reading Surface Touch & Type Cover Keyboard Shortcuts