Surface Touch & Type Cover Keyboard Shortcuts

The Touch and Type Covers are brilliant at bringing the full keyboard experience of a laptop to the table. They protect the screen when in transit, and flip out of the way when they’re not needed.

I like the Touch Cover 2 with it’s backlighting and enhanced responsiveness and accuracy because it’s slim, light, and it’s resistant to liquids and well, the weird stuff that ends up on tables at coffee shops. It’s also pretty much silent except for the light drumming of your fingers.

The Type Cover 2 is great when I’ve got to do full-on production typing, both for office work and development. And the backlighting is a nice touch in the dark.

And now to the main focus of this note: Here are keyboard shortcuts to make you even more productive with your Surface


From the Surface Blog 

  Fn + Caps:

Locks F1-F12 into being function keys. Do it again and you get the charms, volume, Home, End, etc. if you are in the function lock mode, you can get the inverse options by pressing the Fn key, naturally

  Fn + <spacebar>:

Print Screen

  Fn + <spacebar> + Alt:

Print Screen for the in-focus App only

  Fn + Del:

Brightness Up

  Fn + Backspace:

Brightness Down

  Fn + <left>:


  Fn + <right>:


  Fn + <up>:

Page Up

  Fn + <down>:

Page Down

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