Surface Pro 3: Is this the One?

It’s May 20th and the big news is the Surface 3. Bigger, lighter, faster, longer battery life, better ergonomics (multiple position stand). Of course, I want one. And I scoured the Microsoft Store for the Order Now button.

And now, front and centre, finally, the pen.


It looks like Microsoft is embracing the Pen as the strategic advantage of the Surface Pro platform. I’ve often thought that the Pen was misunderstood and under-sold as an alternative to the mouse. It is so much more than that. And this message is coming out loud and clear in the images of the new Surface Pro 3 at


I’ll no longer have to use make-shift devices to put the Surface at a great angle for writing.


I’m very excited about the 12” Surface Pro 3 and this is a much easier decision for me, than to be trying to figure out how to fit a Surface Mini into my life.

I need the full capabilities of a laptop in my portable life and having a little more screen real estate is going to be a big help. If you were to translate the new 3:2 aspect ratio (2160 x 1440) to the Surface Pro 2 (1920 x 1080)   – at 3:2 this would be 1920 x 1280. Now that  is something to which I can relate because that extra height in landscape mode is something I can really use for documents and in development tools like Visual Studio.

It looks like the rest is all there too. Lighter, longer battery life, faster, ergonomics. As a potential desktop replacement, I’m looking at the 256 GB Intel Core i7. The August 31st delivery date can’t come soon enough for me. But I’m willing to wait even though the i5 models look like they’ll be available sooner in some markets.

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