Surface Pro 3: Battery Life Core i3, i5, i7

I’m considering getting the Surface Pro 3 Core i7 just to experience the difference. I had some concern that making the step up would cost me in terms of battery life. Here’s what we learned from the Surface Team today.

Will there be much of a battery trade off for performance in the i7 SP3? Also, what is the overall performance gain for the i7 version over the i5?

Answer from the Surface Team

The battery performance is the same across the i3, i5, and i7. The i7 will see benchmark scores appx. 15-20% better than the SP3 i5.


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And if you really want to delve into the differences between the processors offered check out:

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 CPUs Compared: Intel Core i7-4650U vs i5-4300U vs i3-4020Y

The three red bars are the CPUs offered in the Surface Pro 3.

Intel Core i7-4650U vs i5-4300U vs i3-4020Y Benchmark

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