If Sitting is the New Smoking Try Thinking On Your Feet With Surface Pro 3

The original title was If Sitting is the New Smoking, Surface Pro 3 can help.

I know that seems like an audacious statement but if sitting is the new smoking you can read all over the web that the answer is to change attitudes and behaviour. 

It doesn’t take much to imagine that someone standing with a pen and a pad of paper is working. 

I’ve long known that someone can be really productive while standing or even walking with a Tablet PC (a portable computer with an active stylus).   The accuracy of the pen with the Surface Pro 3 is better than anything I experienced in perhaps fifteen years of using devices like this.

And of course you can use a Surface Pro or Surface Pro 2 as well but I like the ergonomics and the pen better of the Surface Pro 3.

Lately I’ve been standing and doing light exercise while working with my Surface Pro 3.  That’s been mainly reading and research but also editing and annotating text and doing illustrations. Some things are faster with the pen and others a little slower, but the combination of touch and the pen and the new 3:2 aspect ratio and the bigger screen make the Surface Pro 3 more usable than its predecessors. 

The continuously variable kick-stand makes it easy to use it as a support while holding the Surface Pro 3 with one hand. It’s quite comfortable to work that way.  And it’s great that it’s light and looks great in either landscape or portrait mode.

Let me encourage you to read up on this sitting is the new smoking idea and then get your hands on a Surface Pro 3 and see how productive you can be while up on your feet.

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