Surface Pro 3: Recording Studio Update

In the Surface Blog, Stuart Pitts just posted

Surface Pro 3: A Powerful Mobile Music Studio That Goes Everywhere You Go

Over the past few months, I’ve met with Musicians around the world across all genres and specialties. These are individuals who create, arrange, improvise, record, teach, and perform for a living. Most Musicians depend on two devices outside of the studio: a laptop for creating music and a tablet for reviewing it on-the-go. Musicians don’t want to carry two devices to do their work any more than people in any field do.. They’ve told us that they’re always looking for new things – in particular, something that does everything their laptop can do and that offers something their laptop isn’t able to do that would help make their work more efficient. As I talk to musicians and really get into what Surface Pro 3 can do, the first reaction is always something like:

“Wait, you can run Ableton and Pro Tools on this thing?”

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Let me add that I’m doing the same kinds of things with my Surface Pro 3.  See: Surface Pro 3: Ultimate Portable Recording Studio

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