Surface 3

Just announced today, the Surface 3 and I’m excited.


Click the picture to read the announcement on the Surface Blog.

My first inclination was:  I don’t need this – I have the Surface Pro 3 with Intel® Core™ i7.  But as I thought about it, there is something very appealing about a smaller, lighter, long-running device that can run full Windows AND use the Pen. The Pen is for me the killer-application of this type of device. I know it’s not an application but the Pen is the reason that I will take a Surface Pro (any model) over other portable computing devices. And for me, the Pen is the make/break aspect of the Surface 3. And thank you Microsoft for making it the same Pen as the one I use with my Surface Pro 3.

I have some very specific applications  where size, weight, and battery life are bigger priorities than the raw processing power or storage I have with my Surface Pro 3.  So I’m really looking forward to using the Surface 3. 

This looks like it will be a great device for students and for people who are looking for a long lasting productivity device that can run legacy applications (full Windows 8.1-10 and legacy applications). I was concerned about the Atom processor but this is the Quad-core Intel® Atom™ x7 processor that is supposed to deliver 80% of the processing power of the Core  i3 found in the entry level Surface Pro 3. This should be plenty of power for a lot of what I do:  working in Office, writing, browsing the web, using the Pen for Mind Maps, mark-up and drawings. 

Check back in over the next few days as I’m thinking out loud about the Surface 3.

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