Surface Pro 3: Pen Can Be Paired With Other Devices

You can pair your Surface 3 or Surface Pro 3 pen to other devices. This is more interesting than compellingly useful, but here’s what I found. I picked up  an HP Stream 7 at the Microsoft Store last week. I was trying to capture a screen shot with the thumb keyboard but trying to do that with the Windows-Volume_Down combination wouldn’t work because pressing the Windows button dismisses the keyboard. Then remembered that a double-click on the Surface Pen button opens OneNote Screen Clipping Tool. I paired my Surface Pen via Bluetooth to the Stream-7. I was actually surprised that … Continue reading Surface Pro 3: Pen Can Be Paired With Other Devices

Surface Pro 3: Wireless Display Adapter/Miracast

If you are having trouble connecting your Surface Pro 3 to the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter AND you have antivirus/firewall software running, try temporarily disabling the firewall. If that allows you to connect, then turn on the firewall again and set a rule/exception to your firewall settings. Allow:C:\Windows\System32\WUDFHost.exeAllow In/Out connections for TCP and UDP, Ports: All. Here’s how it looks in ESET Endpoint Security SETUP > Advanced Setup Personal Firewall > Rules Add General   Miracast   Direction:Both, Action:Allow, Protocol: TCP & UDP Local C:\Windows\System32\WUDFHost.exe And that should allow you to connect to your Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter through your firewall. See … Continue reading Surface Pro 3: Wireless Display Adapter/Miracast

Surface Tips: Thumb Keyboard and more

I had forgotten about the Thumb Keyboard because I have a Windows Phone and use the Word Flow keyboard. As I result I don’t have much experience typing with my thumbs.  I really hope that this feature finds its way into a future release of Windows. Back to the present:  I recently got an HP Stream 7 and it’s a perfect size to use the thumb keyboard. Unfortunately I can use the Windows-Volume-Down* trick to take a screenshot of the onscreen keyboard or I could show you how well that onscreen thumb keyboard looks on a 7 inch screen. See … Continue reading Surface Tips: Thumb Keyboard and more

Surface Pro 3: Great Service at the Microsoft Store

I dropped by the Microsoft Store to invest some time getting to know the Surface 3. Almost as an afterthought on the way in I decided to make an appointment to see a technical specialist while I was in there. The main problem was that the keyboard was unresponsive when waking from sleep. The keys would light up but the key presses did not register on the Surface Pro 3. The workaround was to remove and replace the keyboard after resuming from sleep.  This was mildly annoying and downright embarrassing when I had to do this in front of other … Continue reading Surface Pro 3: Great Service at the Microsoft Store

Surface 3: Hands On

I finally got my hands on a Surface 3. Here it is (red keyboard) beside my Surface Pro 3 (black keyboard) at the Microsoft Store. Keyboard and Typing Experience You’ll notice that the actual keys on the keyboard appear to be the same size.  The difference in width is in the border on the sides of the keys. That border is much slimmer on the Surface 3 keyboard. The Trackpad is about the same width, but not as tall.  They trimmed some of the border between the top row of keys and the screen. Overall the typing experience seemed comparable … Continue reading Surface 3: Hands On

Surface Pro 3: Show Hibernate in the Power Options Menu

In my last post I noted that Mouse Without Borders was able to wake up my Surface Pro 3 from Sleep mode. That makes perfect sense if the system is in front of me and I want to wake it up with the mouse. It doesn’t make sense if the system is in a bag, out of sight and out of mind. I’ve added Hibernate to the Power Options Menu and putting the system into Hibernate mode this seems to have eliminated the problem. I just need to consciously choose to put the system into Hibernate mode instead of just … Continue reading Surface Pro 3: Show Hibernate in the Power Options Menu

Surface Pro 3: InstantGo vs. Mouse without Borders

Every now and then I reach into my case and find a warm Surface Pro 3 running. I’m always careful that the machine is actually asleep before I put it into the case.  I thought that this was happening spontaneously (like spontaneous combustion),  And then I remembered: Mouse Without Borders will wake a machine from sleep.  I use Mouse Without Borders because it is an absolutely terrific virtual keyboard sharing program. And when I have all my machines lined up in front of me it makes perfect sense that if I mouse into a machine that is asleep, it should … Continue reading Surface Pro 3: InstantGo vs. Mouse without Borders

Surface 3: Looking Better By The Day

What do you think of Surface 3? You can read the reviews and most of what I’ve read is that it’s a brilliant little machine. There’s generally some balking at the price, but setting that aside for a minute: I DO need an all-day full-Windows device. That is, something that will run legacy applications.  Previous versions of Surface (not Pro) have given me the all-day experience, and the Surface Pros have given me full-Windows with support for legacy applications. It just seemed that I couldn’t have both. When I need to be completely portable, and by that I mean walking … Continue reading Surface 3: Looking Better By The Day

Surface 3 Review

Surface MVP Frank Garcia shared this review from We Tested the Surface 3 (translation by Microsoft Translator). Here are a few of the pictures that appear in the review. Notice the size of the Surface 3 keyboard. The keys are the same size but the keyboard is a little smaller. And here is a shot of the Surface 3 attached to and on top of a Surface Pro 3 keyboard. This gives you a pretty good idea of the size. And here are the ports. Micro USB for charging and data, USB, and mini-display port. Be sure to read … Continue reading Surface 3 Review

StaffPad–Made for Surface Pen

Yesterday I wrote about Killer Applications. The one that grabbed my attention today is StaffPad. Follow the link and watch the video (shown using a Surface Pro 3 pen) and see someone writing sheet music faster than you could do it with pen and paper. This quote from the website captures the heart of pen computing applied to a human endeavour.. From the website: “StaffPad is a brand new class of notation app, designed to take advantage of the advanced pen and touch input found on Microsoft Surface* and other compatible Windows 8.1 devices. As you write notation using the … Continue reading StaffPad–Made for Surface Pen