Surface 3: Long May You Run

I have my Surface Pro 3 and I recently picked up a couple of Surface Battery Covers. Each one of these gives me a couple more hours of run time away from AC power. And while it’s great to be able to do that it doesn’t mean that I get to relax and forget about the battery life issue. It just means that I get to think about it in a different way.  I have to charge up the Battery Covers and I have to think about when I will carry them around.

One of the great things about the Surface and Surface 2 was the battery life. Hours and hours or worry free computing.  And I’ve often wished that my original Surface had a Pen and could run legacy applications.  Surface 3 addresses all three of these concerns: run-time, full Windows with support for legacy applications, and the Pen.

Weighty considerations
When I know that I’m going to be working away from AC power I take my Surface Pro 3 and one or both of the Power covers.  Now here’s food for thought. The Surface 3 weighs just a little over 3 ounces more than the Power Cover. Could I take a Surface 3 instead of the Power Cover that I use do extend the run time of the Surface Pro 3?

On days when I need very long run time I could carry both Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3 and use the Surface 3 for all but the most intensive applications and fire up the Surface Pro 3 when I need the processing power.    

Would I really carry both?  Not all the time, and for those situations where I’m primarily in consumption mode (reading music, doing research, writing documents) I’m thinking that the Surface 3 will do the job. 

I use OneNote for a lot of my note taking and music related tasks. And for other applications I use OneDrive.  Keeping files synchronized is easy.

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