Surface 3: Side By Side

Okay – you might be expecting a side by side comparison of Surface 3 to Surface Pro 3 or Surface 2.  I might do that later, perhaps in May when they are shipping. For now you can join me as I look at this picture and try to imagine how much smaller the Surface 3  will feel compared to the Surface Pro 3.


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I’d like to think about working two-up: that is working with two machines side by side. I like to work with multiple screens. I do that now with my Surface Pro 3 and my Surface Pro 2. I run Mouse Without Borders (a virtual keyboard and mouse sharing application) that gives me most of the utility of running a single machine with an external monitor, AND I  have both processors working for me. This is great when I’m doing solid heads-down work at a remote location.  Usually I’m doing research or viewing outcomes on one machine and creating content on the other. I can imagine using the Surface Pro 3 and Surface 3 side by side. Assuming that I won’t have to think about power management with the Surface 3   I’d probably use the keyboard on the Surface 3 and use the Power Cover with the Surface Pro 3.  That should get me through a very long day of remote work.

I don’t want to suggest that the Surface 3 or Surface Pro 3 are not up to the task of productive work alone. It’s just that I really like to have a couple of screens going for certain kinds of work. The portable monitors that I’ve seen are expensive, heavy, and have much lower screen resolution than I want for this application.  To get anything comparable to the Surface 3, you’d have to spend nearly the same money,  and then you’d still just have a monitor not a second computer.

I’m thinking that a Surface 3 would make a great companion for my Surface Pro 3 for those side-by-side applications.  I would get much  longer battery life  than I get with the Surface Pro 2 I’m using now. And how nice it would be that they use the same Pen.

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