Panos Panay and the Surface team Reddit AMA

Great questions and answers in today’s reddit AMA

“Good afternoon, Reddit, we are the Microsoft Surface team. On Tuesday, we announced the addition of Surface 3: our newest tablet that works like a laptop. It’s a killer device and we know you’ll enjoy it!

Super pumped to be here for the AMA – thanks for how great you’ve all been to us. We only have an hour, but we’ll do the best we can.”

The big topic of discussion was Surface 3 of course.  Nothing concrete about Surface Pro 4, but that’s not a surprise. 
“No mystery, we are always working on different products and we will not stop being relentless about it… I think we both know that we can’t talk about what and when :-)”

It’s a fun read, and there are lots of gems in there.

Great questions and answers in today’s reddit AMA

And here are some great opportunities to explore.

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