Surface Pro 3: Show Hibernate in the Power Options Menu

In my last post I noted that Mouse Without Borders was able to wake up my Surface Pro 3 from Sleep mode. That makes perfect sense if the system is in front of me and I want to wake it up with the mouse. It doesn’t make sense if the system is in a bag, out of sight and out of mind.

I’ve added Hibernate to the Power Options Menu and putting the system into Hibernate mode this seems to have eliminated the problem. I just need to consciously choose to put the system into Hibernate mode instead of just flipping the keyboard closed. That’s a small price to pay for this little bit of added comfort.

Here’s how.

On the Start menu choose Run

In the Run dialog type: gpedit.msc


Click OK

In the Group Policy Editor navigate to:

Administrative Templates > Windows Components > File Explorer > Show hibernate in the power options menu.


Click and then set the option to Enabled.


That’s it. OK your way out. 

Next time you want to Hibernate tap Start > Shutdown and choose Hibernate.


What about InstantGo?

Yes, when I turn on Hiberate I lose the instant resume from standby, and the background updates for email or connectivity by Skype.  I have my Windows phone with me all the time so I don’t need the connectivity while the system is asleep. It does take a longer to wake up from Hibernate but at least now I can choose to go there immediately if I want.

Here’s some more background about Surface Surface Pro and Surface 3 power states: On, off, sleep, and hibernate

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