Surface Pro 3: Pen Can Be Paired With Other Devices

You can pair your Surface 3 or Surface Pro 3 pen to other devices.


This is more interesting than compellingly useful, but here’s what I found.

I picked up  an HP Stream 7 at the Microsoft Store last week.

I was trying to capture a screen shot with the thumb keyboard but trying to do that with the Windows-Volume_Down combination wouldn’t work because pressing the Windows button dismisses the keyboard. Then remembered that a double-click on the Surface Pen button opens OneNote Screen Clipping Tool.

I paired my Surface Pen via Bluetooth to the Stream-7. I was actually surprised that it worked. And after that I could click once to wake it up from sleep into OneNote, and double-click to open the OneNote Screen Clipping Tool  just like you can on the Surface Pro 3.

The Surface Pro 3 Pen doesn’t do anything else with the Stream-7, so I wouldn’t dedicate a Pen to it. But it was interesting to explore.

While I was digging around I found a few new tricks about OneNote. For example, once you register you can send an email to and it will deliver that email directly to your notebook.

Read more about that trick and more at

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