Surface Book Performance Base

Through a surprising set of circumstances I ended up replacing my Surface Book (512 GB / Intel Core i7 / – 16 DB / dGPU) with a new Surface Book with Performance Base (same specifications for the rest).

I thought there was something funny about the screen on my 16 month old Surface Book.  I noticed a yellow tinge about 1/2” in from the edge, all the way around. It was most noticeable against a white background.

Fortunately, I had everything backed up when I took it in to the Microsoft Store.  I talked to the support person about the discolouration. He looked at it, brought someone else over to look at it, the he held up the clipboard (screen only part)  at eye-level, parallel to the floor. 

— stock picture of the clipboard–

We could all see that it was bulging in the middle.  Okay, so the diagnosis was instant. The battery was failing.


They decided to swap out the unit for a new one on the spot. The better news for me, they only had a Surface Book with Performance Base.  I paid the difference and walked away with a new machine. Of course, I had to install all my desktop applications again but 24 hours later, I’m pretty much functional.

I’m interested to see how much I’ll notice the difference with the Performance Base.

See: A Guided Tour of the Surface Book with Performance Base

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