Surface Book 2 15″

Surface Book 13.5 and 15

I just got the Surface Book 2. I was waiting for the 15″ and for the right time to switch from my Surface Book with Performance Base.  I got the original Surface Book as soon as it was available.  It was a great machine, and the unit with the Performance Base gave me more battery life. But that was about all I really noticed between the two units.  The Surface Book 2 is a big step up.

I was ready for the 15″ screen. After a few days with the bigger unit, I’m pleased with the larger view and I don’t mind a little extra weight.

The battery life for the Clipboard (Tablet) alone should be over three hours. I’m getting similar run time out of my aging Surface Pro 3.  I’ll still keep it around though. It’s great to use it on my desk for taking notes in OneNote during meetings.  I just don’t need to use it as a portable device. Amazingly, the Surface Book 2 15″ Clipboard is 817 grams compared to 12″ screen at 800 grams for the Surface Pro 3.

I’m also impressed with the pen tilt capability, despite having to buy a new pen to get it. You can test it out in Windows Ink Workspace – SketchPad.

Use the Pencil tool and check it out.

Here’s great article about
Surface Pro Pen Compatibility/Interoperability.

More in a few days after I’ve put some miles on it.








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