The First Application I Install

When I set up a new machine there is a suite of applications that I install immediately. ActiveWords is at the top of the list and has been for over a decade. I do a lot of writing every day and a great deal of it is repetitive. Snippets of text, links to references, common phrases and I do this dozens of times an hour. ActiveWords sits there quietly monitoring my keystrokes and it automatically substitutes text, runs scripts to do tasks, opens documents, opens websites.  And it does all this from within any application that I am running. There’s … Continue reading The First Application I Install

ActiveWords SE free offer to College & University Students

 I am a great fan of ActiveWords and use it daily. Today I saw this on the ActiveWords website. ActiveWord Systems offers a free four year ActiveWords SE* license to all college and university students in the United States. ActiveWords SE is exactly the same as the commercial product ActiveWords PLUS, with these exceptions; (1) ActiveWords SE does not include scripting, (2) ActiveWords SE includes access to a more limited set of free add-in applications. Link: ActiveWords SE