The Eyes Have It!

Of all the ways that Tablet PCs have changed over the last 12 months, one of the most visible changes has been in the screen sizes. It was not quite 11 months ago that we saw the first Wide Screen Tablet PC from Gateway. At 1280 x 768 (and about 7 pounds) it was something of a mind and arm bender to look at and use. Here’s a link to  my updated Screen Resolution Chart. That thumbnail is at 50% (in each direction) of its normal size just in case you were wondering. Look up the machine you have now on … Continue reading The Eyes Have It!

Screen Resolutions

By Size then Resolution Diagonal (I) Width (I) Height (I) Width (P) Height (P) Pix/Inch            8.4               6.7            5.0 800 600      119.0            8.4               6.7            5.0 1024 768      152.8          10.4               8.3            6.2 1024 768      123.3          12.1               9.7            7.3 1024 768      105.8          12.1               9.7            7.3 1400 1050      144.6          14.0             11.2            8.4 1024 768        91.4          14.0             11.2            8.4 1400 1050      125.0          15.0             12.0            9.0 1024 768        85.3          15.0             12.0            … Continue reading Screen Resolutions

Size Matters – Artist

When it comes to sketching on a Tablet PC size probably matters. With the recent announcement of the Toshiba Tecra M4, the most compelling new specification (for me) was the screen resolution / size. (1400 x1050 on a 14” screen).  There are lots of other interesting differences (physical size, weight, video processor, cpu, optical drive), but for today I will focus on screen resolution / size matters. I have both: M200 (12.1 inch screen 1400 x 1050 resolution) TC1100 (10.4 inch screen 1024 x 768 resolution) and I find that for sketching I will use either one, but if I … Continue reading Size Matters – Artist

High Resolution Screens and Tablet PCs – Part 2

What can you do with a high resolution screen? Previously: Part 1 Click the thumbnail at the right to see a screen shot of my Toshiba M200 in Secondary Landscape mode. That’s 1400 x 1050 with two browser windows. These two browser windows are approximately 700 x 1040 each. Not quite as wide as Portrait mode for most Tablet PCs (768 x 1024) but, hey there’s two of them.   It’s an odd thing, but I don’t connect the M200 to an external monitor very often. Sometimes, just because it is easier than running wires I will just use MaxiVista to another machine. That’s another story for another … Continue reading High Resolution Screens and Tablet PCs – Part 2

High Resolution Screens and Tablet PCs – Part I

 The two most popular screen resolutions for Tablet PCs are 1024 x 768 (the majority) and 1400 x 1050 (Toshiba Portégé M200 and recently as an option for the Fujitsu LifeBook T4000) There have been new models released by Toshiba and HP lately and not a little anticipation that there would be improvements in the high resolution screen technology. This appears to have been wishful thinking as both manufacturers have come to market with larger screens but with the lower (but seemingly standard) 1024 x 768 resolution. Rather than compare the technical aspects of the screens, I thought it might be useful … Continue reading High Resolution Screens and Tablet PCs – Part I

M200 Review – Part II with observations comparing it to the HP TC1100 – March 2004

I posted this on TabletPCBuzz a week after the first review.   M200 – Thoughts after two weeks – and more comparison to the HP TC1100 This is a continuation of my impressions after the first week.PreambleAs in the previous note, I’ll stick to anecdotal points rather than get into details of the specifications (these you can get from the respective manufacturers’ sites)SummaryOverall, the TC1100 feels more refined than the M200. The fit and finish and design of the user interface seems better (The overall build quality of both units is excellent). The M200 has a bigger screen, bigger keyboard, higher … Continue reading M200 Review – Part II with observations comparing it to the HP TC1100 – March 2004

M200 Review – Part I – March 2004

Got my (first) M200 about a year ago. Here are my initial impressions. The M200 – thoughts after a week. – originally posted on TabletPC Buzz (follow the link to see this in context with comments posted by others)As promised, here is a review of the M200.Summary: I am glad that I don’t have to choose between an HP TC1100 or Toshiba M200. I think that they are both excellent implementations of the Tablet PC concept, addressing different needs.Context: So that you can assess how relevant my comments might be for you, I am including some information about how I use … Continue reading M200 Review – Part I – March 2004

Take my Tablet PC … Please

… Take my Tablet PC … Please!– With apologies to Henny Youngman Much to my surprise, a well known personality in the Tablet PC space wrote to me asking my opinion of the HP TC1100. I know that he is familiar with The Tablet Rationalizer tool, and my first inclination was to suggest he use it. Reading his note again; he did not ask which Tablet PC to buy, but rather: “Do you like TC1100? Would you recommend it to others?“. Short answers:Yes I like the TC1100. … I take my Tablet PC with me everywhere, but it keeps finding its way back!– … Continue reading Take my Tablet PC … Please

Decisions, Decisions! – The Tablet PC Rationalizer Tool

Decisions Decisions! There are lots of new models of Tablet PCs lately, and I doubt that there has been a time when there were so many models available. Last year I created the Tablet PC Rationalizer and posted it on TabletPCBuzz. This is an Excel Workbook. The documentation is in the file.Here’s a screen shot – click the image to download it. CommentsAll the Factors, Raw Scores and Weights are user configurable. (Over-write the sample data) or add your own (change “unused”) Over at Tablet PC Talk there is a terrific Quick Comparison Chart that has specifications of many of the Tablet PCs currently … Continue reading Decisions, Decisions! – The Tablet PC Rationalizer Tool

HP TC4200 Reviewed

Dr. Christopher James – fellow MVP – has just reviewed the HP TC4200 ! Where to start … ? As a committed slate user I was not expecting to be too impressed with the TC4200, I assumed it would be big, bulky and heavy … I was very wrong. The TPC looks like quite a nice and sturdy sub-notebook computer. It feels well made and quite ‘solid’ but it is not heavy and it is not big at all, in fact even with its 12″ screen it is barely bigger than the TC1000 and TC1100 (with keyboard attached). Read the … Continue reading HP TC4200 Reviewed