Tablet PC – Transparent Computing

A little over a year ago Dr. Christopher James (Tablet PC MVP) had an online contest. All you had to do was complete the thought. “I think the Tablet PC platform is a winner because …” Lucky for me, Christopher liked my answer. “I think the Tablet PC platform is a winner because … It is for me the most transparent computing technology in my computing cluttered life. It allows me to:: To do real work without having to focus on the technology. When I do this in the presence of other people (after the initial oooh-ahhh phase), the technology … Continue reading Tablet PC – Transparent Computing

Decisions, Decisions! – The Tablet PC Rationalizer Tool

Decisions Decisions! There are lots of new models of Tablet PCs lately, and I doubt that there has been a time when there were so many models available. Last year I created the Tablet PC Rationalizer and posted it on TabletPCBuzz. This is an Excel Workbook. The documentation is in the file.Here’s a screen shot – click the image to download it. CommentsAll the Factors, Raw Scores and Weights are user configurable. (Over-write the sample data) or add your own (change “unused”) Over at Tablet PC Talk there is a terrific Quick Comparison Chart that has specifications of many of the Tablet PCs currently … Continue reading Decisions, Decisions! – The Tablet PC Rationalizer Tool

Have you lost your Tablet PC pen?

Q: Have you lost your Tablet PC pen? A: No, I  haven’t misplaced or broken my pens. Q: To what do you attribute this incredible good luck? A: I have used a fountain pen for (many) years. I think this does something to your psyche. Your sense of “oneness”, being at peace with the universe is inexplicably tethered to your writing implement.A vague sense of anomie pervades When the pen is in peril. You reach out and snatch it from harm’s way.Harmony is restored.    Related thought: Uncapping the Pen

Rumours and Lies

Although this article speaks specifically to a recent flurry of bandwidth about the rumoured demise of the HP TC1100 and Toshiba M200, I’m really expressing views about rumours in general. I’m almost certain that anyone who actually knows if either of these fine machines is slated to be discontinued is under a Non-Disclosure Agreement. That is… until HP or Toshiba actually says something, it’s all idle speculation. You can try to interprete the intent of a golem by studying its actions, but you cannot know its mind. I think it can also be especially misleading to observe the parties once-removed … Continue reading Rumours and Lies

Uncapping the Pen

 Musings of a Fountain Pen writer Got to thinking about a Cross Capped Pen. When the first “uncapped” versions came out, I was underwhelmed. I like the feel of the HP TC1100 pen, although the thinner Toshiba pen is fine too. I just couldn’t see the point of a pen that would not fit into the holders of my Tablet PCs. I should add that I was never a fan of the ubiquitous Cross ballpoint with its slick finish and skinny barrel. Uncapping the Pen Visualize the flourish that comes of uncapping a fountain pen. This simple motion has traditionally … Continue reading Uncapping the Pen