Size Matters? Maybe, for an Artist

When it comes to sketching on a Tablet PC size probably matters. With the recent announcement of the Toshiba Tecra M4, the most compelling new specification (for me) was the screen resolution / size. (1400 x1050 on a 14” screen).  There are lots of other interesting differences (physical size, weight, video processor, cpu, optical drive), but for today I will focus on screen resolution / size matters. Join me as I contemplate the question: Does Size Matter? Link: Size Matters – Artist

Are Tablet PCs Too Expensive?

How often have you read or thought that Tablet PCs will not enter the mainstream until the price comes down. Let’s ponder that awhile and explore the question, “Are Tablet PC’s too expensive?” Today let’s ponder … Compared to What? I think it is a tragic failure of logic to look at a Tablet PC and see a portable computer. This will be the first of several  mini-articles addressing the question. Link:  Too Expensive? Compared to what?

Take my Tablet PC … Please!

… Take my Tablet PC … Please!– With apologies to Henny Youngman Much to my surprise, a well known  personality in the Tablet PC space wrote to me asking my opinion of the HP TC1100. I know that he is familiar with The Tablet Rationalizer tool, and my first inclination was to suggest he use it. Reading his note again; he did not ask which Tablet PC to buy, but rather: “Do you like TC1100? Would you recommend it to others?“. Link: Take my Tablet PC … Please!

Musings of Fountain Pen Writer

  I knew that one day my idiosyncrasies would mature into eccentricities. My penchant for pens and particularly fountain pens seemed a waif in the sea of technologies in which I was adrift. My direction set, I could not comprehend my desire for a visceral interface to the offset the sterility of the binary device. Join me as I explore Uncapping the Pen