21 Great Technologies That Failed

PC Mag still doesn’t get it. Imagine including the Tablet PC as one of the 21 Great Technologies That Failed Tablet PCs (2002)Rather than typing on a PC, why not write on it as though it were a pad of paper? And have the CPU interpret your chicken scratch, sort your notes, and generally work in a much smarter way? Based on sales, it seems the world still isn’t ready for the Tablet PC. Nevertheless, Gates is convinced you’ll eventually love this system. I think the failure here, is that PC Mag doesn’t comprehend that having the Tablet PC features … Continue reading 21 Great Technologies That Failed

PC Mag writes about Top Tablet PCs

PC Mag does a quick roundup of several of the  heavy hitters in the current Tablet PC landscape. The introduction is pretty positive. Slate tablets and convertible tablets have the portability of a light laptop, with the added flexibility of a touch screen. Here are a few of our favorites. by Tony Hoffman Not all workers have the luxury of being able to sit down in order to use a laptop. If you have to input information or write notes while on your feet, a tablet PC may be the way to go. You have your choice between a slate … Continue reading PC Mag writes about Top Tablet PCs