Motion founding member / current COO/President Dave Altounian interview

John Hill at TabletPC Buzz / Allegiance Technology has posted his interview with Dave Altounian. Dave Altounian was involved very early (2001) in the life of Tablet PCs and he is very open in his insights about the future at Motion. From John Hill Here is the streaming audio link to my interview with Motion founding member and current COO/President Dave Altounian. sorry for the minor reverb! Also, because this was recorded using webex, you will see a windows open but there is no video in this recording. Click here to listen to the interview you can read the press release … Continue reading Motion founding member / current COO/President Dave Altounian interview

The Buzz is back – a lot faster and looking good.

John Hill at TabletPCBuzz has completed the transition to the new forum software. He writes. As of today, June 2nd, we have successfully migrated all the users and posts from our previous (Snitz) forum software to our new (vBulletin) forums.I hope you like the improvement. I am very appreciative of all your patience.If you are an existing user, you will have to reset your password. It takes just a minute and is an automated process through email.TO GET YOUR PASSWORD RESET, ENTER YOUR USERNAME AND THEN CLICK ‘LOGIN’ – THIS WILL TAKE YOU TO THE PASSWORD RESET PROCESS.It will take … Continue reading The Buzz is back – a lot faster and looking good.

Tablet PC Buzz is getting a Major Upgrade

John Hill, owner of Tablet PC Buzz has announced a major overhaul to the forums there. This is very exciting news as it speaks to John’s commitment to the site and to the community.   We are very excited to announce that as of Monday, May 19th, TabletPCBuzz is in the process of receiving a MAJOR UPGRADE to vBulletin forum software. DURING THIS TIME, AS WE MIGRATE THE DATABASE TO THE NEW SOFTWARE, ANY NEW POSTS WILL NOT TRANSFER. YOU MAY CONTINUE TO USE THE FORUMS. It is estimated that this process will take 3-4 days (hopefully less), so please … Continue reading Tablet PC Buzz is getting a Major Upgrade

Tablet PC Buzz is Sold

Spencer has sold Tablet PC Buzz to John Hill at Allegiance Technology Partners. Read Spencer’s announcement John’s opening remarks I am just pausing here to wish both Spencer and John well in their respective unfolding futures.    

The Buzz is Back

The Buzz is back and Spencer talks about what happened.   *Pulling hair out* Downtime from the last few days    and there are some hints about some changes coming.   In my previous post I alluded to a stand of weeds (controversy) that just needs no more water. So I’ll just leave it.

The Buzz attacked again

  Somebody hit the site again. It looks like a different exploit, but the site is defaced all the same.   At this moment, Spencer (who was studying for an exam) is restoring the site. I have already captured the day’s posts and will try to get them reposted later tonight.   Edit   I can’t imagine why The Buzz is a target. Can you?   This expression of personal disbelief and rhetorical question seem to have given rise to some speculation. It’s pretty hard to recant on the web, but I’ll do my best in my next post.

The Buzz bounces back

  The forums at The Buzz were defaced this morning. This time the site stayed up, but you could not read the thread titles. I repaired the titles for the most recent discussions so that people would not be interrupted in the exchange of help and advice.   Spencer was able to restore from the backups made at midnight last night and everything was back to normal by mid afternoon. It took a little longer but I was able to repost all the messages that had been posted between the backup and the restore operation.   He was also able … Continue reading The Buzz bounces back