Use Windows Meeting Space to Mirror Your Tablet PC to a Projector

I use my Tablet PC when I do public speaking.  I like to use it to display and build MindMaps using MindManager or draw diagrams with SketchBook Pro. This should be very straightforward, but it gets interesting when I want to display my Tablet PC with a projector, and to walk around the room at the same time. (Try that with at conventional laptop machine). I have been using MaxiVista for this application for years. (see: Wireless Presentations with a Tablet PC with MaxiVista) MaxiVista has been great but there are some issues with Vista. You can work around them, … Continue reading Use Windows Meeting Space to Mirror Your Tablet PC to a Projector

The Ultimate Vanity

Would that be to subject an audience to a presentation done in one’s own handwriting? Last week I found myself having to be in two places at once. I couldn’t do that of course so I fired up Camtasia Studio and opened my presentation MindMap that I had prepared in MindManager. I walked through the map recording my comments and adding branches and diagrams as I went along. Knowing that this was going to be presented to a live audience, I paused several times- asking for participant discussion. I didn’t have a lot of time to do this so¬† I … Continue reading The Ultimate Vanity

PC Mag writes about Top Tablet PCs

PC Mag does a quick roundup of several of the  heavy hitters in the current Tablet PC landscape. The introduction is pretty positive. Slate tablets and convertible tablets have the portability of a light laptop, with the added flexibility of a touch screen. Here are a few of our favorites. by Tony Hoffman Not all workers have the luxury of being able to sit down in order to use a laptop. If you have to input information or write notes while on your feet, a tablet PC may be the way to go. You have your choice between a slate … Continue reading PC Mag writes about Top Tablet PCs

Inker – vs – ActiveWords part II

Wow, Pete at ActiveWords support spotted one of my postings about this conflict and wrote to me to suggest turning off the ActiveWords Buffer. Did you catch that? This was a proactive support response. I was going to wait for a response from the Inker developers before troubling the folks at ActiveWords. They were onto this before I asked.  Pete wrote:To turn off the ActiveWord buffer  –   From the ActiveWords MonitorBar Menu, select “Options…”.   Select the tab “Operating Mode”. Press the “Advanced…” button. Check “Disable ActiveWord buffer”. Close the “Options” dialog.  NOTE: When working with the ActiveWords Buffer turned … Continue reading Inker – vs – ActiveWords part II

Inker – a replacement for the TIP (Tablet Input Panel)?

Inker – from  ATOZED software This looks very interesting. It is still in beta with plenty of issues being discussed on their Inker-Users discussion on Yahoo Groups. Here is an excerpt from the website. It certainly bears watching. What is Inker? Inker is a replacement for the Windows pen input system. Inker is more efficient to use and more customizable than TIP. Inker includes all of the functionality of TIP and more, however Inker and TIP can run side by side. Installing and using Inker does not disable or remove TIP, however we suggest you turn off the automatic pop … Continue reading Inker – a replacement for the TIP (Tablet Input Panel)?

Windows Vista – Tablet & Laptop Features

I’m not much of a fan of YouTube, but found to link to this at GottaBeMobile. It’s probably worth the time to watch.    Link:   Thanks to AntiMatter over at If the video does not play properly please see

MindManager® 7 – May 30, 2007

I have been using mind maps for decades. In 1999 I found MindManager. It became my personal productivity tool of choice. And as soon as there was a version for the Tablet PC – MindManager was the killer app that let me to get my first Tablet PC. And isn’t that the definition of a ‘killer app’? An application so compelling that you buy hardware to allow you to use it. To this day, I use MindManager daily. Generate new ideas Planning for all but the most trivial documents and tasks Taking notes Presentations Head on over to and … Continue reading MindManager® 7 – May 30, 2007

OneNote Calendar from Josh Einstein

Josh Einstein has been busy and has just created his OneNote Calendar.Josh describes it this way. It’s an application that presents your OneNote pages in chronological order according to their last modified date on a calendar so that you can see your notes by when you wrote them, not where. You can preview the note pages in the app or double click a calendar item to open it in OneNote. Full screen mode will probably be pretty useful on origami devices. If the resolution gets too constrained it turns off the preview pane by default.And when I asked about the … Continue reading OneNote Calendar from Josh Einstein

To V or not to V, that is the qVestion

I’m sold, period, flat out, no questions asked, no looking back, every machine around me that will run it, is running Vista.  Why? Most of my machines are Tablet PCs and the improvements in the user interface for a Tablet PC user make it well worth the time it takes to adapt to Vista. See: Tablet PC Features in Vista I had quite a debate with someone who kept trying to shoehorn Vista into a box called ‘trivial eye-candy user-interface upgrades’. And that’s okay, because to him Vista means a change that will trigger replacing a couple hundred machines that he’s … Continue reading To V or not to V, that is the qVestion

TabletKiosk / Stolen Sahara Slates and UMPC eos

From Gail: The Tablet PC and UMPC fan base is often referred to as a community.  This is why I am reaching out to the online Tablet and UMPC fan base so that we can all respond in a unified front.  On Sunday, February 11, the TabletKiosk warehouse in Torrance, CA was robbed.  The thieves stole a considerable number of Sahara Slate PCs, eo v7110s and eo v7210 units.   We are working with the police to catch the perpetrators and retrieve the stolen units and are exploring every possible avenue.  This is why we are asking for assistance from the … Continue reading TabletKiosk / Stolen Sahara Slates and UMPC eos