M700 and the Intel Matrix Storage Manager

I have read several threads in various forums and there seems to be a thought that uninstalling the Intel Matrix Storage Manager results in better benchmark scores. The numbers look compelling. I wondered how this might affect me, and whether I would see any difference with applications that I run. The short conclusion: I will stick with the Intel Matrix Storage Manager My machine *does* have the 1 gig Intel Turbo Memory installed and this may also have impacted my results. I also have 4 gigs of ram installed running Vista Ultimate 32-bit. Testing with and without the Intel Matrix … Continue reading M700 and the Intel Matrix Storage Manager

Use Windows Meeting Space to Mirror Your Tablet PC to a Projector

I use my Tablet PC when I do public speaking.  I like to use it to display and build MindMaps using MindManager or draw diagrams with SketchBook Pro. This should be very straightforward, but it gets interesting when I want to display my Tablet PC with a projector, and to walk around the room at the same time. (Try that with at conventional laptop machine). I have been using MaxiVista for this application for years. (see: Wireless Presentations with a Tablet PC with MaxiVista) MaxiVista has been great but there are some issues with Vista. You can work around them, … Continue reading Use Windows Meeting Space to Mirror Your Tablet PC to a Projector

Touch Control

I have been using a Toshiba M700 and for the most part, enjoying having both the Active Digitizer and the Touch Screen. I was having trouble though when using MindManager. This is not a flaw with either the software or the machine. I think the issues was the way I use MindManager. I write all over the screen as as I was brushing the screen as I moved around, I was wreaking havoc. Basically I was dragging topics from one place to another, or causing the screen to zoom in and out. This was particularly embarrassing when doing live presentations.   … Continue reading Touch Control