Camtasia 2019

I have been using Camtasia forever, well since 2004. I have used it for screen videos to for post secondary education, and to edit and produce instructional videos for audio equipment. Some of these have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. Sure, it’s not like they’ve gone viral, but they have proved their value. When Camtasia 2019 was announced, the first thing I noticed was the Auto-Normalize Audio Loudness feature (see detail below).  In the videos I produce for audio equipment, my audience is extremely discerning (and critical) about the audio track in the videos they are watching. I … Continue reading Camtasia 2019

PC Mag "Just another slate tablet that can’t replace a true PC"

In an article “The Worst PCs“ 03.20.07 Buyer beware: You’ll want to stay away from this batch of laptops and desktops. PC Mag names the Samsung Q1 among their list of the worst PCs. PC Mag just doesn’t get it, and they seem to be going out of their way to prove it.You can read the whole article starting here:,1895,2105454,00.aspThe Q1 is on the second page:,1895,2105455,00.aspQuoting the PC Mag summary:Product: Samsung Q1Category: Laptops & NotebooksRating: 2.5Reviewed: 5/1/06What We Liked: Good speaker sound quality. Full-blown Windows XP operating system. Very portable. Resolution toggle button.What We Didn’t Like: No keyboard or optical drive … Continue reading PC Mag "Just another slate tablet that can’t replace a true PC"

Mobile PC World Forums

Terri Stratton (Microsoft MVP) swings open the doors of the latest forum for Mobile PCs. Joining her as administrators are fellow Microsoft MVPs Chris Hassler and WNewquay.  Mobile PC Wiki is the repository for Frequently Asked Questions and durable information arising from forum threads. Look forward to contributions in the wiki from Chris Hassler  and Terri Stratton  as we consolidate information about Mobile PCs from both of their sites.

Why do you …. help?

This may seem a really odd question, but I am trying to understand, (and help others understand) the part of the culture that brings us to the Internet and in particular, to forums, blogs, wikis and other forms of social software.So here’s the question:For those of you who spend time helping (if you do, then you understand what I mean)*, why do you do it? Thank you! Please reply in a comment here. ThanksPlease reply in this thread at The Buzz* let’s say that for this discussion I am specifically addressing folks who put many times more effort into helping … Continue reading Why do you …. help?

Help for a hard working student and Tablet PC Community contributor Sagan

I'm quoting this in from a post on GBM Eric (below) has been a solid contributor to the community since at least mid-2004. Any chance somebody knows somebody  who might be able to help? WN Oh yes – you may know Eric as Sagan ———————— I'd like to ask the tablet pc folks out there if anyone is interested in donating a brand new tablet as an award to a student.  I had a donor ($1500) whose company was purchased, and the new owner doesn’t want to help.  It’s 10 days until the conference and I now have no tablet as … Continue reading Help for a hard working student and Tablet PC Community contributor Sagan

TabletWiki Planned Service Outtage October 21

Planned Service Outtage TabletWiki will be offline between – October 21st, 2006 10:00 PM PST until – Ocotber 22nd, 2006 08:00 AM PST This is for a planned network infrastructure upgrade that should take less than an hour or two, but I this is as close as I can get for pinning down the time. Thanks for your understanding.

Win a Motion LS800 from GottaBeMobile

Now these guys know how to throw a party! is announcing a spectacular new contest to celebrate the opening of its new Discussion forums. Thanks to generous sponsorship by Motion Computing the grand prize for the Make Me Mobile With Motion contest will be a Motion LS800 Tablet PC. For details, contest submission requirements, and more check out the following  link to  From the Team Dennis RiceRob BushwayWarner CrockerMatt Faulkner  

TabletPCBuzz still down

Just an update. Heard from Spencer Goad this morning. " I'm out of the country for school and travelling and don't have access available to look at the server. I'm going to try and find a way to look tonight, but I don't know that I'll have time (we leave tomorrow morning to do mission work in Zagreb, Croatia). " Dennis over at (another Tablet PC MVP) is hoping to take a look at the server soon.