Redemption Time for UMPC – Article at

Well when he writes “What the heck is an Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC)?” the rest of the article illustrates the writer’s confusion. Perhaps he can be forgiven for this as he is reflecting the market place. I think he casts too broad a net in considering many of the sub four-pound machines including the likes of the ASUS EiiPC4g. The original vision for the UMPC was a device that included a touch screen interface, running Windows Vista. From Microsoft’s UMPC Site:  The UMPC offers a display of 4-7 inches and touch capabilities, all in a package that weighs less than 2 pounds. But don’t underestimate … Continue reading Redemption Time for UMPC – Article at

Use Windows Meeting Space to Mirror Your Tablet PC to a Projector

I use my Tablet PC when I do public speaking.  I like to use it to display and build MindMaps using MindManager or draw diagrams with SketchBook Pro. This should be very straightforward, but it gets interesting when I want to display my Tablet PC with a projector, and to walk around the room at the same time. (Try that with at conventional laptop machine). I have been using MaxiVista for this application for years. (see: Wireless Presentations with a Tablet PC with MaxiVista) MaxiVista has been great but there are some issues with Vista. You can work around them, … Continue reading Use Windows Meeting Space to Mirror Your Tablet PC to a Projector

Vista SP1 – Microsoft Update Product Team Blog

For the best ongoing coverage of what is happening at Windows Update, stay tuned to the Microsoft Update Product Team Blog.   As of  March 18, 2008   Hi all,   Today we made Windows Vista SP1 available for Windows Vista systems in English, French, German, Spanish, and Japanese.    What does this mean for you?  Well, here are some details of what you can expect:  Windows Update Users (or those of you who manage systems that directly connect to WU) From now until sometime in mid-April, SP1 will be interactively available for customers who visit the Windows Update control panel.   In mid-April, … Continue reading Vista SP1 – Microsoft Update Product Team Blog

Windows Vista – Tablet & Laptop Features

I’m not much of a fan of YouTube, but found to link to this at GottaBeMobile. It’s probably worth the time to watch.    Link:   Thanks to AntiMatter over at If the video does not play properly please see

Vista Drivers for the Toshiba M200

Toshiba sites in Europe have drivers for Vista. These appear to have gone up around March 20, 2007. Toshiba Vista Drivers – Toshiba Europe(If you get an error page – big red letters – refresh the page and it might come up). The sites are not displaying well for me, but I was able to get the links from the pages and I have posted those and some comments about using them in Toshiba M200 Vista Installation Notes – MobilePCWiki      

To V or not to V, that is the qVestion

I’m sold, period, flat out, no questions asked, no looking back, every machine around me that will run it, is running Vista.  Why? Most of my machines are Tablet PCs and the improvements in the user interface for a Tablet PC user make it well worth the time it takes to adapt to Vista. See: Tablet PC Features in Vista I had quite a debate with someone who kept trying to shoehorn Vista into a box called ‘trivial eye-candy user-interface upgrades’. And that’s okay, because to him Vista means a change that will trigger replacing a couple hundred machines that he’s … Continue reading To V or not to V, that is the qVestion

Express Upgrade to Windows Vista announced!

If you’re in the market for a new computer this holiday season, be sure to ask your retailer about the Express Upgrade to Windows Vista, being offered by participating PC manufacturers. When you buy a qualifying Windows Vista Capable PC between October 26, 2006 and March 15, 2007, you may be eligible for an Express Upgrade to Windows Vista. Don’t wait to enjoy the benefits of owning a new PC. Buying a Premium Ready Windows Vista Capable PC means you can buy a great Windows XP computer today, with the confidence that it will easily upgrade to the Windows Vista … Continue reading Express Upgrade to Windows Vista announced!