Surface Pro 3 for Developers–Sightings in the Wild

When I’m out and about and I fire up my Surface Pro 3, I look around for other Surface devices. I guess I’m looking for kindred spirits. I was at a Developers’ event on the weekend. As usual I glanced around and there were about thirty portable computers of various kinds from mega-gaming machines to tiny tablets.  Seven of them were Surface Pro units (mostly Surface Pro 3). Except for the Microsoft Store,  that’s the most Surface  devices I’ve ever seen in one place. That was fun and edifying. We compared notes. Several of us have the docking station. Most … Continue reading Surface Pro 3 for Developers–Sightings in the Wild

Surface Pro 3: External Disc Performance

Pete Vickers at GUi Innovations has written up a great report about Surface Pro 3 and external disc performance using the Surface Pro 3 Docking Station. Read the article to see what he found. External Disc Performance on the Surface Pro 3 Here are some more interesting things to explore. Azure Free Trial MSDN Azure benefit CANITPRO at the Movies (English) CANITPRO at the Movies (French)