Surface Book Performance Base

Through a surprising set of circumstances I ended up replacing my Surface Book (512 GB / Intel Core i7 / – 16 DB / dGPU) with a new Surface Book with Performance Base (same specifications for the rest). I thought there was something funny about the screen on my 16 month old Surface Book.  I noticed a yellow tinge about 1/2” in from the edge, all the way around. It was most noticeable against a white background. Fortunately, I had everything backed up when I took it in to the Microsoft Store.  I talked to the support person about the … Continue reading Surface Book Performance Base

Surface Pro 3: Great Service at the Microsoft Store

Things go wrong from time to time and what is important is how people deal with those adversities. Last week I wandered into the Microsoft Store near me  with my Surface Pro 3. I wasn’t unhappy, but a little concerned. It seemed to be running warm and the fan was running more frequently than seemed warranted when the system was basically idle. I had to make an appointment to see an expert and that was okay. They were busy, but I was able make that appointment for an hour later the same day.  I had other things to do during … Continue reading Surface Pro 3: Great Service at the Microsoft Store