Surface 3: Looking Better By The Day

What do you think of Surface 3? You can read the reviews and most of what I’ve read is that it’s a brilliant little machine. There’s generally some balking at the price, but setting that aside for a minute: I DO need an all-day full-Windows device. That is, something that will run legacy applications.  Previous versions of Surface (not Pro) have given me the all-day experience, and the Surface Pros have given me full-Windows with support for legacy applications. It just seemed that I couldn’t have both. When I need to be completely portable, and by that I mean walking … Continue reading Surface 3: Looking Better By The Day

Surface 3 Review

Surface MVP Frank Garcia shared this review from We Tested the Surface 3 (translation by Microsoft Translator). Here are a few of the pictures that appear in the review. Notice the size of the Surface 3 keyboard. The keys are the same size but the keyboard is a little smaller. And here is a shot of the Surface 3 attached to and on top of a Surface Pro 3 keyboard. This gives you a pretty good idea of the size. And here are the ports. Micro USB for charging and data, USB, and mini-display port. Be sure to read … Continue reading Surface 3 Review

Surface Pen: Killer Applications

Killer Application – a software application so compelling that it drives sales of the hardware. The Killer Applications that brought me into the world of pen computing were things that let me use a pen, when really – only a pen would do the job. In the early days that was MindManager. It let me create Mind Maps in much the way that I had done for decades only faster and you could edit it later. It was one of the very first Windows  (Tablet PC Edition) applications that was fully pen-enabled, and it remains today, one of the best. … Continue reading Surface Pen: Killer Applications

Surface 3: Side By Side

Okay – you might be expecting a side by side comparison of Surface 3 to Surface Pro 3 or Surface 2.  I might do that later, perhaps in May when they are shipping. For now you can join me as I look at this picture and try to imagine how much smaller the Surface 3  will feel compared to the Surface Pro 3. Back to Side By Side I’d like to think about working two-up: that is working with two machines side by side. I like to work with multiple screens. I do that now with my Surface Pro 3 … Continue reading Surface 3: Side By Side

Surface 3

Just announced today, the Surface 3 and I’m excited. Click the picture to read the announcement on the Surface Blog. My first inclination was:  I don’t need this – I have the Surface Pro 3 with Intel® Core™ i7.  But as I thought about it, there is something very appealing about a smaller, lighter, long-running device that can run full Windows AND use the Pen. The Pen is for me the killer-application of this type of device. I know it’s not an application but the Pen is the reason that I will take a Surface Pro (any model) over other … Continue reading Surface 3

Surface Pro 3: My Pen Wakes up my Surface At The Worst Times

One of the great moments with the Surface Pro 3 is when you click the button on the Pen and the system springs to life. This is great when you want it, and it not so great when you don’t. The worst times are when I reach into my backpack and jostle the Pen, and it wakes up the system while it’s in its case. Starting the system up when it’s in the case causes it to run, run down the battery, and of course it gets hot. If you put the Surface Pro 3 into Hibernate mode, the Pen … Continue reading Surface Pro 3: My Pen Wakes up my Surface At The Worst Times

Surface Pro 3: Great Service at the Microsoft Store

Things go wrong from time to time and what is important is how people deal with those adversities. Last week I wandered into the Microsoft Store near me  with my Surface Pro 3. I wasn’t unhappy, but a little concerned. It seemed to be running warm and the fan was running more frequently than seemed warranted when the system was basically idle. I had to make an appointment to see an expert and that was okay. They were busy, but I was able make that appointment for an hour later the same day.  I had other things to do during … Continue reading Surface Pro 3: Great Service at the Microsoft Store

Surface Pro 3: Recording Studio Update

In the Surface Blog, Stuart Pitts just posted Surface Pro 3: A Powerful Mobile Music Studio That Goes Everywhere You Go Over the past few months, I’ve met with Musicians around the world across all genres and specialties. These are individuals who create, arrange, improvise, record, teach, and perform for a living. Most Musicians depend on two devices outside of the studio: a laptop for creating music and a tablet for reviewing it on-the-go. Musicians don’t want to carry two devices to do their work any more than people in any field do.. They’ve told us that they’re always looking … Continue reading Surface Pro 3: Recording Studio Update

Surface Pro 3 : Ultimate Portable Recording Studio

Surface Pro 3 on the road for recording I just got a new high end ribbon microphone and  after putting it through its paces in the studio, I had to take it out into the field. I loaded Audacity on the Surface Pro 3, packed up my newly acquired Presonus Audiobox 22VSL and I was ready to go.  The Presonus comes bundled with Studio One and I later found that this works very well too. The Surface Pro 3 is about the same weight as the Presonus interface. It worked flawlessly. It was as fast and responsive as any of my desktop machines for this … Continue reading Surface Pro 3 : Ultimate Portable Recording Studio