Camtasia 2019

I have been using Camtasia forever, well since 2004. I have used it for screen videos to for post secondary education, and to edit and produce instructional videos for audio equipment. Some of these have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. Sure, it’s not like they’ve gone viral, but they have proved their value. When Camtasia 2019 was announced, the first thing I noticed was the Auto-Normalize Audio Loudness feature (see detail below).  In the videos I produce for audio equipment, my audience is extremely discerning (and critical) about the audio track in the videos they are watching. I … Continue reading Camtasia 2019

Ultimate Student Guide To Using Microsoft Surface 3

Great video from Sean Ong. Although this is oriented for students, there are some great hints about being productive with your Surface device. Ultimate Student Guide To Using Microsoft Surface 3   And after you have watched the video here are some more interesting things to explore. Azure Free Trial MSDN Azure benefit CANITPRO at the Movies (English) CANITPRO at the Movies (French)