Programming Language Equivalents

As I was gearing up to present a series of posts on programmatically incorporating Excel charts in Word, I realized that including multiple programming language versions in a blog post just isn’t the thing to do. My blog posts tend to be long enough as it is :-)

So I’ve started a new section of “pages” that you can access through the menu point “Equivalents” at the top of the blog. The idea is to enable people who understand either VB or C# to be able to follow code examples in the other language and be able to use the principles in their own code.

There’s potentially a lot of material to cover under the topic “Equivalents”, so I’ll be adding to it as I go along. If you have any particular pain point you’ve encountered while trying to work with “unreadable” code samples, leave a comment on the Equivalents page and I’ll try to include that topic… soon :-)

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