Why the silence…

It’s been over a month since I last wrote an article. Obviously, I’ve been busy…

Among other things, we’ve signed a contract for a fourth edition of “Word Programmierung, Das Handbuch” with Microsoft Press, Germany. Word developer books don’t have it easy on the software book market and the German-speaking market is comparatively limited in scope. So we’re very proud that our work is still selling well enough after almost ten years to warrant a fourth edition.

Even though we won’t be re-writing the entire 1000 pages, all the code must be tested and the screen-shots remade using Word 2013. As we’re only two authors this go-round, it promises to be a mammoth task! We’ve already started work and plan to have it finished in time for the Christmas market in 2013.

As time goes on, technology changes and our book has always reflected that. Since it’s not  allowed to get bigger, some content must come out – it all ends up on the CD included in the book, so nothing is lost! Even pre-Word 2007 developers still have access to all the information from the first edition, written for Word 2003 but covering earlier versions, as well.

It looks like around 200 new pages this time around. Of course, we plan to cover the new “Apps” technology. We’ll also expand the chapters on using XML in and with Word as well as the material on working with the Open XML document format, including an introduction to the Open XML SDK.

We’ll certainly be retaining on the printed page the core information on the Word object model, related technologies (Charts, SmartArt, etc.) and extending the Word user interface in all its facets.

As we work, I’m sure we’ll come across interesting topics that will trigger some blog posts!

Unfortunately, MS Press has never shown any interest in translating our book into English, so it remains an exclusive “treasure” for those who can read (or at least decipher) German.

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all reading this blog a wonderful holiday season and all the best for the New Year :-)

— Cindy Meister

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