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One of the major changes for Office VBA Developers in version 2013 was the removal of on-board help files. If you couldn’t connect to the internet, up until now you had no access to any object model Help.

The Office team heard the complaints and has invested resources in packaging the MSDN VBA Language Reference for Office 2013 in a set of downloadable Help (.chm) files, available from the download site:

Note, please, that these do not hook up to context-sensitive F1 Help; that can access only the on-line version. Also, there will be no automatic update of these files and there’s no way to know if they’ll ever be updated. So in order to view the most current version or provide feedback you still need to use the Internet resource.

But, if you’re travelling or have a slow connection, this at least provides an option for viewing the basic 2013 object model information.

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