The Open XML Package Editor in VS 2012/2013

January 31, 2014

As more and more developers migrate to Visual Studio 2012 and/or Visual Studio 2013, we’re seeing requests in the Open XML SDK forum for a version of the Open XML Package Editor that works with these new versions of Visual Studio. (The Open XML Package Editor lets you view the structures and XML content in […]

Word Programmierung Handbuch (4th ed.) is here!

January 24, 2014

A few days late for my seminar, but it’s finally here! Despite Microsoft Press’s break with O’Reilly, leaving authors in the German market in limbo, the 4th edition of the Word Programmierung Handbuch has been printed, bound and is being distributed this week. Many thanks to the publisher for managing to accomodate all the new […]

Office Trainertage 2014 in Lucerne

January 23, 2014

I just spent a couple of interesting days at the Office Trainertage (training for Office trainers) in Lucerne, Switzerland, hosted by Kuhn Informatik AG. I’d heard about this event, but never had the opportunity to experience it.

Content Controls and language formatting

January 11, 2014

Long-time Word users, especially those who work on professional documentation in multilingual environments, know that you have to be very careful that the language default in Word matches the default language setting in Windows. If it doesn’t, the Windows language will override the Word language as direct formatting in the document. Documents created in such […]

Open XML SDK: Does the runtime version matter? YES!

January 8, 2014

There was a discussion in the Open XML SDK forum today that I found interesting. Certain namespaces for Office 2010 weren’t being recognized with a reference to the Open XML SDK version 2.0, even though they should have been. The references were being picked up just fine with a reference to the newer Open XML […]