Word Programmierung Handbuch (4th ed.) is here!

A few days late for my seminar, but it’s finally here! Despite Microsoft Press’s break with O’Reilly, leaving authors in the German market in limbo, the 4th edition of the Word Programmierung Handbuch has been printed, bound and is being distributed this week.

Many thanks to the publisher for managing to accomodate all the new material without needing to throw out as much of the existing as we feared would be necessary. Instead of just over 1000 pages, the 4th edition has 1145, more than 250 completely new!

More than half the new content is devoted to the Office Open XML file formats and working with them using the Open XML SDK. There are also a new chapters on working with XML and an introduction to Apps for Word.

Thanks as well to my co-authors, Christian FreƟdorf and Thomas Gahler, without whom the book would not have been published.

Now that the seminar and this book are finished, I can get on with my new book projects, this time in English!

2 Responses to “Word Programmierung Handbuch (4th ed.) is here!”

  1.   Tim Rylatt Says:

    I simply cannot understand why this book has never been published in English as the market for it must be several times larger than for the German edition.
    I really hope that your new book projects include an English version of this one.

    •   WordMeister Says:

      Hi Tim
      Sorry about the late response – I thought WordPress would notify me when I get Comments, but it hasn’t in quite some time (obviously)!
      Believe me, we’ve tried to convince MS Press in the States that there would be a market for this book, ever since the first edition for Word 2003. They seem to be under the impression that only American authors are capable of writing books in English. The only way I can see it happening is if enough people tell American publishing companies they WANT such a book. Or tell MS Press to have me translate it, which wouldn’t be a problem since English is my first language :-)

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