The Open XML Package Editor in VS 2012/2013

As more and more developers migrate to Visual Studio 2012 and/or Visual Studio 2013, we’re seeing requests in the Open XML SDK forum for a version of the Open XML Package Editor that works with these new versions of Visual Studio.

(The Open XML Package Editor lets you view the structures and XML content in an Office Open XML zip package and edit it, something the Open XML SDK Productivity Tool does not support.)

Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, Microsoft has not updated the tool – originally written for Visual Studio 2010 – nor released a new version. Luckily for all of us, a resourceful colleage of mine who attended my seminar in LucerneDr. Eckehard Pfeifer – did some research that he said I might share :-)

Eckehard discovered that there’s nothing inherent in the Open XML Package Editor that prevents it from running in Visual Studio 2012 or 2013. It’s merely a matter of having the correct Registry keys. He was kind enough to share these with me. The keys he gave me were for 64-bit; I did some editing and created a second set for 32-bit. They’re available for download as a ZIP file that can be found on the downloads page of my website:

To use these:

  • Close Visual Studio.
  • Install the Open XML Package Editor.
  • The Zip file contains two folders, with nine *.reg files in each. Choose the folder for the Windows System you’re running. Double-click each *.reg file in order to create the necessary Registry entries

If you’re already using Visual Studio 2013, open the *.reg files for the Windows System you’re running in a text editor (Notepad, for example) and replace the Visual Studio 2012 version information – 11.0 – with that for Visual Studio 2013 – 12.0.

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  1.   Chris Rae Says:

    Hi Cindy – we’ve just updated this tool to work with VS2012 and 2013. Apologies for the delay! Download link remains the same as it was – .

    •   WordMeister Says:

      Hi Chris
      Good to “see” you and thanks for letting “us” know that the tool has been updated!
      Sorry about being so late making this public – WordPress hasn’t been notifying me about in-coming comments…

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