BUG Word 2013: Selection in Word disappears after running code

February 26, 2014

Since the release of Word 2013 we’ve been seeing sporadic complaints in the Word forum from developers that the selection highlighting disappears after their code executes. Only yesterday did someone post steps to reproduce the issue that worked consistently. It turns out that this is, indeed, “unexpected behavior”. Apparently the screen redraw isn’t firing as […]

Ribbon / Office Fluent UI: Links to information

February 8, 2014

Until the release of Office 2013 and all the new information and hype about the “Apps for Office” developer interfaces, there was a useful page on MSDN that collected links to all relevant information concerning developing for the Ribbon and Backstage (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/office/aa905530.aspx), also known as the “Office Fluent UI”. For a number of months you […]

Word: Difficulty processing fields in the footer during printing

February 7, 2014

Once again, a forum discussion has brought to light something new and useful to know when working professionally with Word. When someone asks how to display different content in the footer for the last page, only, the recommended approach since time immemorial is to use an IF field. The If field tests whether the current […]