VBA-JS: Kodiak JavaScript (Tool)

Due to an injury to my horse, I’m spending a lot of time at the stable. It’s much more economic to sit there for a couple of hours rather than drive back-and-forth. To make the most of my time, I try to do some work – learning more about JavaScript – while I’m there. Since I don’t want to lug around the laptop I was looking for a JavaScript IDE for my iPad that works offline and was quite surprised to find one in the App Store: Kodiak JS.

It’s not free, but quality products rarely are and we, as developers, can appreciate that! You can find out more about it at http://www.becomekodiak.com/kodiak-javascript.html

I don’t need to repeat everything here that is described and illustrated much better on the site. But what I find most useful if I forget my Bluetooth keyboard is the integrated keyboard display providing characters/symbols used regularly for typing JavaScript code. No having to switch to the numeric, then to the symbol keyboard every couple of taps! I also appreciate the selection of color/font schemes for the coding window.

In contrast to Firebug, the code runs in a web page, hosted in the app, so you have to hook up some plumbing in order to view results. It helps that when you create a new file you get the bare-bones html. And there are example pages you can use.

Unlike Firebug there’s unfortunately no syntax checking or error information when you run faulty code. So the only hint you have that somethings is not good is when things don’t work – but you have to find the reason yourself. (Which isn’t all bad…)

There is also no Intellisense.

Useful is that Kodiak JS comes with most of (50+) the current JS libraries that offer “wrapped up” functionality, such as Angular.js and Node.js. If you’re only just getting started with JavaScript these terms won’t mean much to you. But think of them like DLLs you can reference in VBA code to provide things VBA doesn’t offer, or are time-consuming, difficult and complex to code.

All-in-all it’s a light-weight app for learning and testing on-the-go.

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