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Here’s another tool where you can try out JavaScript, on-line: JS Fiddle. The link is to the tutorial page, in the documentation. The actual editor is here.

Microsoft provides a number of resources, besides the documentation on MSDN, for learning about the Office (2013) APIs.

For Excel there’s a demo that let’s you see the APIs and try them out. The demo uses the on-line version of Excel. Go to this webpage, scroll until you see the “Try it out” button and click it. Since this was for the 1.0 release of the Office 2013 APIs you then need to click “Update” once the demo page has loaded.

There are code samples you can download as a zip file that showcase various parts of the APIs. You only need bother with the C# option as none of the others contain the entire spectrum of samples. If you don’t know C#, don’t worry because what you’re interested in is the HTML, CSS and JS files, which don’t care whether they’re in a C# or VB.NET solution. You can run these in debug mode (F5) and copy/paste anything that interests you to your own solution.

There are also a set of training modules (video, slide deck and labs). These are directed more at non-VBA developers, but give quite a bit of background on the architecture, etc. The quality of the videos (including speaker) is excellent; they can also be downloaded so that you can listen off-line.

If you’d like to see the API “object model” in graphical, flow-chart form there is a PDF you can download. Word of warning: the page size is for wall posters!

Finally, if you’d like to make a suggestion to the Office API development team you can use the User Voice interface.

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  1.   Bob Mathews Says:

    For the link in the 3rd sentence, I’m pretty sure you meant to link to jsfiddle.net, NOT the fiddle music site fiddle.net.

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