Word Office JS APIs: Full list of font.underline types

Currently, the list of underline types in the Office JS documentation is incomplete when compared with the list offered by IntelliSense (as seen in Script Lab).

The Word.UnderlineType entry lists:

  • None: No underline.
  • Single: A single underline. This is the default value.
  • Word: Only underline individual words.
  • Double: A double underline
  • Dotted: A dotted underline.
  • Hidden: A hidden underline.
  • Thick: A single thick underline.
  • DashLine: A single dash underline.
  • DotLine: A single dot underline.
  • DotDashLine: An alternating dot-dash underline.
  • TwoDotDashLine: An alternating dot-dot-dash underline.
  • Wave: A single wavy underline.

In addition, there are:

  • DashLineHeavy
  • DashLineLong
  • DashLineLongHeavy
  • DotDashLineHeavy
  • DottedHeavy
  • TwoDotDashLineHeavy
  • WaveDouble
  • WaveHeavy

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