Currently, the list of underline types in the Office JS documentation is incomplete when compared with the list offered by IntelliSense (as seen in Script Lab).

The Word.UnderlineType entry lists:

  • None: No underline.
  • Single: A single underline. This is the default value.
  • Word: Only underline individual words.
  • Double: A double underline
  • Dotted: A dotted underline.
  • Hidden: A hidden underline.
  • Thick: A single thick underline.
  • DashLine: A single dash underline.
  • DotLine: A single dot underline.
  • DotDashLine: An alternating dot-dash underline.
  • TwoDotDashLine: An alternating dot-dot-dash underline.
  • Wave: A single wavy underline.

In addition, there are:

  • DashLineHeavy
  • DashLineLong
  • DashLineLongHeavy
  • DotDashLineHeavy
  • DottedHeavy
  • TwoDotDashLineHeavy
  • WaveDouble
  • WaveHeavy
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