Word Open XML

WordProcessing.Zoom (settings.xml, <w:zoom>)

The documentation for the Open XML SDK, (which quotes the standards documentation) specifies that the Percent property (w:percent attribute) determines at what percent “zoom” a document is to be opened in Word.

This setting can only be overridden by the Val property (w:val attribute), which forces a document to be opened as “Full page”, “Best fit” or “Text fit”.

“By design”, Word 2013 does not respect this setting. Instead, documents are opened using the last zoom setting in the application windows. The reason given is that documents should display at a size fitting to the device.

(document.xml, <w:lastRenderedPageBreak>)

The official documentation for this element/Open XML SDK property states: “This element specifies that this position delimited the end of a page when this document was last saved by an application which paginates its content.”

What is not mentioned is that this element is also used to define a continuous section break inserted within a paragraph. (See also blog post from 22 July 2013.)

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