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Once again, a question on Stack Overflow offered an intriguing problem that kept my brain busy for quite a while. When generating a table in a Word document cells containing no content would not retain the custom font size being assigned to each cell. Read the rest of this entry »

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One of the biggest problems with Word has always been command discovery balanced against working efficiently. For the ten plus years spanning Word 6 through Word 2003 there were menus, toolbars for various features, as well as the possibility of creating customized toolbars with the commands you needed most. In addition, the toolbars could be positioned freely on the screen. You could also customize the right-click menu.

All of that disappeared with the advent of the Ribbon in Office 2007. Surveys had “proven” that the user didn’t like adaptive menus and things that changed and didn’t drill down through menus. So commands were to be accessed through the Ribbon and those few used regularly could be placed on the user’s QAT. The right-click menu could still be customized, but not without working through the programming interface.

In addition to the Ribbon, some task panes and the right-click menu another interface with commands was introduced: the Mini Toolbar. Read the rest of this entry »

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