Windows 8.x and 10 VRAM allocation bug


Until now Microsoft hasn’t fixed this bug which came since Windows 8. And it is still bothering on latest Windows 10 version.

Under Windows 7 all DirectX9 games could benefit from an VRAM allocation which could address and allocate VRAM above 4GB if it was available. Since Win8/10 users are suffering from this, as this is not possible anymore and has not been fixed until now.

Here are some resources which makes clear that this as already been addressed to Microsoft a long time and is also a major discusson point on the community already. But nothing happend so far.

ENB – Boris Vorontsov highlights VRAM bug on Win8 and 10

Microsoft Community discuss VRAM bug in Win8 and 10

VRAM bug in Win8 and 10 has already filed as a bug at Microsoft



Looks like with the Win10 Fall Creators Update during October 2017 this bug has been fixed. The recent version of Windows 10 (1703 Build 15063.13 and higher) gives you a bit more with the new integrated game mode, which gives your game more priority on resources and the VRAM limit for DX9 games has been removed.